Fine_blade_Zoysia_CavalierTips for Getting Green Grass Your Neighbors Will Envy

Do you dream of having Green Grass, grass that makes you think of a lush golf course putting green? If so, you can do one of two things. You can spend a fortune and a great deal of time trying different methods to obtain this grass or you can read some tips from experts who know exactly what to do to achieve this goal. The third option is always the better choice as it saves time, money and frustration. Here are some things that home owners can do to make their dreams of Green Grass a reality.

Don’t overdo it with fertilizer. It is best to only fertilize twice a year, in the spring and again in midsummer. Choose a fertilizer which is specifically made for lawns as they tend to have the nitrogen grass craves. Nitrogen will not only help to provide the green color that so many love, it also promotes vigorous growth. If you over-fertilize, the grass will grow too quickly and you’ll spend most of your time watering and cutting the lawn and you won’t be able to enjoy the beauty of the Green Grass you now have.

Choose a green grass that is designed for your area as this increases your chances of having a beautiful lawn.

Cold season grasses include blue grasses, fescues and rye grasses. For those who live in a warmer climate, Bermuda grasses, centipede grasses and St. Augustine grasses are better choices. People who live in the Eastern U.S. may find it hard to select a type of grass due to the mixture of climates found in this region.

Sun and shade need to be considered when choosing which grass to buy. Many homeowners are under the impression that one grass must be used for the entire yard. Nothing is further from the truth. Choose a blend appropriate for shady areas of the yard and another for those areas which tend to remain in full sun. Consider foot traffic also. In areas where the lawn receives a great deal of foot traffic, it is best to go with a hardy grass such as bermuda.

Weeds remain the number one enemy of green grass lawns.

Weeds must be kept under control at all times. With a wide variety of products available for weed control, keeping these pests out of the yard has become easier. This is one task home owners must stay on top of at all times.

Water is key to having a healthy, vibrant lawn and pets should be kept out of the yard. Lawn maintenance is also required year round for the best results.  The more you know about how to achieve the green grass goal, the easier it becomes to have a gorgeous lawn, one that will leave others green with envy.

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Title: Tips for Getting Green Grass Your Neighbors Will Envy
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