landscapeSustainable Lawn and Landscape Practices Benefit the Earth and Your Yard

Look around you. The beauty of nature is a wondrous thing. As a homeowner, you should do your part to enhance this beauty for all to enjoy. Doing so though can be of harm to the environment if care isn’t taken. Making use of sustainable Lawn and Landscape practices can reduce the impact you have on the environment while still allowing you to have a beautiful yard. Many of these practices are very easy to implement while others will take more time and money. No matter how many you put into place though, you’ll help protect the earth and all its wonder. Here are some practices you can put into place today.

Aim downspouts away from paved areas and foundations of the home. Have the water run out onto flat areas, landscape beds or areas when the lawn sinks slightly. Make use of natural drainage patterns and site grading to direct water to where it will be of most benefit rather than allowing it to land just anywhere. Call in a Lawn and Landscape company when designing a new home to make use of sustainable lawn care practices from day one. Conserve water. Take steps to prevent water from running off while you are irrigating and don’t take irrigation too far. When the soil is saturated, it increases the risk of runoff when you irrigate or it rains.

Certain sustainable practices will likely require the experience of a Lawn and Landscape company.

Here are some you may wish to incorporate into your overall outdoor living area plan. Discuss these with the company to see if they can be of assistance.

Have the company help you determine where to place landscape beds to minimize large areas of turf grass. This will help to reduce pesticide and irrigation inputs. Ask the company to amend the soil using only organic matters. Have them relieve any soil compaction so water can best reach the roots of plants. When planting shrubs and/or trees, choose ones with leaves which naturally slow rainfall as well as ones whose roots make use of soil moisture as this improves water infiltration. Work with the landscape firm to select healthy, dense plant cover for areas of the yard, such as slopes, where runoff may be an issue. Request core aeration on turf grass areas as this will help to enhance the infiltration of water.

Don’t overlook ornamentation when working with the landscape service.

Have the landscape company make recommendations as to where to place ornamentation to prevent run. Although these may seem like simple things, small changes to a landscape can provide major benefits to the environment. The landscape firm will be happy to assist you in creating an amazing landscape while protecting the earth.

After a successful Landscape is in place, it takes good lawn and landscape practices to keep it healthy.  Lawn Jockey has skilled landscapers that can develop a maintenance plan with your home in mind. A Lawn jockey Bush and Bed Landscape Program may be exactly what you need.

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