lawn weedsGetting Rid of Lawn Weeds

Nothing detracts from a yard more than lawn weeds. The problem many home owners encounter when trying to eliminate weeds is as soon as one batch is eliminated a new one appears. Weeds are like any other plant in that they have a specific growing season and life cycle. Certain plants come back year after year while others will only reproduce with seeds. Prevention remains the best method of preventing lawn weeds. Lawn services take a number of steps to keep lawn weeds from taking up residence in your yard.

Your lawn service will fertilize the lawn to prevent weeds. Fertilizer helps to keep grass healthy which in turn prevents the growth of weeds. The healthy grass crowds out the weeds and robs them of the things they need to grow. Knowing when to fertilize and what product to use is of great importance also and your lawn service understands this. Many home owners fertilize a lawn right when it is ready to become dormant. Those who do this feed the weeds instead of the grass, giving the weeds plenty of time to take hold.


Aeration is another important step in preventing and controlling lawn weeds.

Certain weeds grow best in compacted soil. Aeration helps to break up the soil, providing grass with the space needed to establish a healthy root system. Aeration provides many other benefits also so this is something you should ask your lawn service to make a part of your regularly scheduled maintenance.

Warm season grasses, those typically found in the southern part of the country, may go dormant when temperatures drop. If this is causing problems in your yard, you may wish to ask your lawn service to reseed the yard with a cool season grass like Double Eagle Perennial Rye Grass. This ensures your lawn looks green and healthy year round and helps to prevent weed growth also.

Mowing your lawn weekly helps to prevent weeds, but only if done properly. Determine the right cutting height for the type of grass you have and use it every time you mow. This helps to crowd out weeds and it will also prevent weeds from getting the sunlight they need to grow and thrive.

Ask your lawn service if they have any other tips when it comes to preventing lawn weeds.

As they are familiar with your lawn and growing conditions in your area, they can be of great assistance. Make sure they add fertilization and aeration to the tasks they normally take on for you also so your yard looks beautiful year round.

At this time Lawn Jockey does not perform Chemical applications.  Call the office to get a list of great Fertilizer and Weed Control Pros to help you get rid of lawn weeds.

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