IMG_1467What Property Owners Need to Know About Lawn Fertilizer in Lewisville Flower Mound and Highland Village

Property owners need to make use of fertilizer to ensure their grass is vigorous and can withstand the summer heat without damage. This process must be done on a regular basis to keep grass healthy. The use of fertilizer also helps grass to grow thicker and stronger and keep its vibrant green color.

Fertilizer is made up of nitrogen, phosphate and potash.

Nitrogen is needed to ensure the grass grows thick blades with a rich green color. Grass requires phosphate for good root growth and potash helps to develop the root system. If you go to make this purchase yourself, you’ll see these three numbers. A bag which says 20-20-20 means that it has equal parts of each element.

The problem most home owners encounter when going to purchase fertilizer is they don’t know how much their lawn needs of each.

Here is where the lawn service will be of great benefit. A lawn service assesses a yard and determines if the soil is too acidic. If it is, then a fertilizer with alkaline is needed. In contrast, soil which has too much base will need a fertilizer with sulfur or another additive. Using the correct fertilizer makes caring for a lawn much easier.

The proper uses of fertilizer prevents the growth of weeds as they will be choked out by the well developed root system of the grass. Healthy grass also helps to prevent a muddy yard. The root system of the grass helps to soak up extra moisture because the root system makes use of the water to establish itself.

Another problem home owners face when going to buy fertilizer is they don’t know if they should use¬† liquid product or a granular one.

Liquid fertilizer tends to be more expensive, but the use of a liquid product encourages grass to grow quicker. A lawn that has become brown or barren will look better in a matter of days when a liquid fertilizer is selected. Granular versions cost less but are considered a gentle approach which may be a concern of home owners.

Lawn Jockey can recommend a fertilization company for you that can take care of applying the product.

They understand what your yard needs and why so there is less of a risk of applying too much product which can do more harm than good. Don’t hesitate to ask about fertilization. Your yard benefits when you do.

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