Spring CLeanupDon’t Overlook Your Yard During Your Annual Spring Cleanup

Spring is quickly approaching and it is time to think about your annual spring cleaning spree. Many home owners go through the entire house, cleaning and getting rid of unwanted items. Most though don’t think about doing the same to the yard, but taking certain steps during the spring will help to keep your yard and gardens looking their best at all times. Here are some steps which you should ask your lawn service to perform each spring for great results.

During the Spring Cleanup, any items that have made their way onto your lawn over the winter should be removed.

This includes dead stalks and leaves on perennials and dead leaves and grass on your lawn. It’s definitely not a fun job. Spring cleanups are bit of chore.

Planting beds must be prepared during the spring cleanup and fertilizer added to these beds and to the lawn. Compost or Landscaper’s Mix is the preferred choice for planting beds and should be used around trees and shrubs as well as in the grass in the lawn. Compost will never burn plants and acts as a slow-release fertilizer, one that nature has created. Any new planting beds should be created at this time also so you have time to prepare them before you actually plant anything.

Once the planting beds have been finished, it is time to plant any trees and/or shrubs you will be adding to your landscape. Lawn Jockey can handle this job with ease and will also take on the planting on hardy perennials at this time, although other plants should wait until the weather warms up more. Weed prevention should take place at this time as weeds are always easiest to fight before they appear. While Lawn Jockey lawn service is at it, take steps to prevent garden pests. You can may do this by planting deer-resistant plants and other plants that will keep the critters away.

The final spring cleanup step is to evaluate trees and shrubs to see if they have incurred any damage over the winter.

Lawn Jockey lawn service can prune trees that are in need of work and they can do some hedge trimming while they are at it. Have them finish up by applying mulch to the various areas in the yard where mulching is needed. This finishes the Spring Cleanup so you are ready to start determining which plants to add to the landscape this year and any other changes you saw during the Spring Cleanup that you want to make.

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