mulchThe Numerous Benefits of Mulch


Mulch comes in many varieties, but is typically made up of one or more decaying organic materials. Adding Mulch is one of the best things that one can do to improve a garden or yard. There are many benefits to mulching and no drawbacks. The main reason most choose to add these materials is they save the gardener energy in a number of ways. Although this isn’t mandatory, it is definitely worth the effort. Here are some of the benefits of mulching.¬†Now Delivering mulch to Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Highland Village.

Mulch inhibits the germination and growth of weeds which can pull vital water and nutrients from nearby plants.


Weeds aren’t attractive in a garden either so the fewer you have, the happier you will be.
Mulching helps to conserve water in the soil and also helps to regulate soil temperatures. This allows you to water less frequently, saving you both energy and money. Plants dry out less quickly and helps plants in the spring when they can become stressed due to temperature fluctuations.
The decaying organic material which makes up Mulch promotes worms and beneficial organisms in the soil. As the material decomposes, it adds this material to the soil so gardeners have less to do when it comes to amending the soil before adding new plants, shrubs or trees. The mulch adds nutrition so you don’t have to buy other products to make these changes.

Mulching protect the soil from rain drops. Although rain drops may seem beneficial to a garden, they can actually lead to crusting which is not desired. Having these materials around plants also helps to reduce the amount of soil that is splashed up onto the leaves of plants when it rains.
During the summer months, mulching helps to keep temperatures down around plant roots. When the temperatures drop, the same mulch works to protect roots from the cold along with frost heaving. This is a process where a plant comes out of the ground due to natural expansions and contractions of the soil as the temperatures change.

Mulch gives a garden more color.

When mulch is added, it provides a contrast between itself and the plants it surrounds. The overall curb appeal of a home is instantly improved when the mulching process is complete.

Consider the above benefits of mulching. Once you see how much this one material can do for your overall landscape, you’ll want to mulch a number of areas around the yard. Each area where mulch is added will receive a number of benefits.

Hardwood Mulch

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