DSC00406Tips For Lewisville Lawn Service :  An Eco-Friendly Lawn

Many people these days are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly.  One way to enjoy being outdoors and also be Eco-friendly is to do the proper maintenance on the front lawn.  While there are many things that can be done to a lawn that will harm the environment, there are some excellent tips that anyone can do to obtain a nice looking lawn while helping the environment.  Lawn Jockey Lawn Care Services provides some excellent services that are great for the environment.  They are also providing some Lewisville lawn service tips to keep the grass appearing beautiful and healthy.

When using our Lewisville lawn service, the mowing pattern is altered on a weekly basis.

Mowing the lawn in different patterns is beneficial because it keeps the soil from becoming compacted, which tends to prevent the grass from absorbing necessary nutrients.  The blades are also sharpened often to ensure a clean cut is made when the grass is mowed.  The clean cut allows for the blade of grass to heal quickly which keeps your Lewisville lawn looking nice and green.  The sharpening of the blades enables the lawn to be cut more efficiently so there is less fuel wasted.

While there are many people who use fertilizer on the lawn and rake away the grass clippings, it is actually better to mulch the clippings while leaving them behind.  The nutrients that were contained within the grass clippings will compost back into the soil, which allows for a healthier lawn.  The environmentally friendly lawn service requires less water unless it is newly seeded.  It is often found that over-watering causes more lawn disease to take place.

Instead of blindly using harmful chemicals to try to rid a lawn of weeds, Lawn Jockey recommends testing the soil to determine if the quality is poor or acidic.  This will allow for the proper lawn service treatment to take place as many weeds thrive in this type of environment.  By following some of these Eco-friendly Lewisville lawn service tips, anyone can have a beautiful lawn while helping the environment at the same time.


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