lewisville-lawn-mowing-crewWhen it comes to making your home look nice, nothing beats hiring Lawn Jockey for Lewisville lawn care

Whether you need someone to cut the grass and trim the hedges once a week, or someone to take care of a bigger job on your property, hiring Lawn Jockey for¬† Lewisville lawn care or landscaping is the best way to go, for a number of reasons. Not only do these professionals have the experience to make your lawn or property look great, but the sales tax they collect goes back into the community. I bet you didn’t know that!

Here in Texas, companies that offer lawn care and landscaping services are required to charge sales tax for certain types of services they offer. Taxable services include planting, transplanting and removal of indoor and outdoor plants, lawn mowing, planting and taking care of flower gardens, and spraying and trimming of trees, just to name a few. Which means that most of the common tasks you hire a Lewisville lawn care company to do will be taxed, thus putting money right back into your community. And because a community cannot run without taxes, you are doing two great things – making your lawn look nice, and supporting your town.

So what sorts of things do the taxes collected by your lawn care professional pay for? Well, the money goes back into the community, to support all sorts of community projects, from helping fund your local library, to putting on special events. And at the state level, they support things like the police department, state parks and road maintenance. It’s the taxes collected by Lawn Jockey, and other Lewisville lawn care companies like it, that let us have nice roads to drive on, a safe community protected by police officers, and fun community events to take our families to.

So the next time you get a bill from your Lewisville lawn care company, look at the taxes you were charged, and be thankful that hiring local means your tax dollars stay in the local community.

Our communities wouldn’t be able to operate as they do without taxes, so why not make your lawn and community great by hiring a Lawn Jockey for your yard and garden needs. We pay our taxes locally.


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