DSC00401Leave the Lawn Mowing to Professionals

Lawn Mowing is a chore that must be done on a regular basis to keep a yard looking nice. There are many other benefits to mowing a lawn also. When the time comes to mow your lawn, should you take this job on yourself or should you leave it to the professionals at Lawn Jockey? Many believe professionals are the best to do this job. Here are a few reasons why.

Lawn professionals are trained to spot small problems before they become large ones. Would you know if an insect took up residence in your yard with the hopes of calling in friends to help him destroy the entire landscape? Chances are the answer to this is no, but professionals do and they can take care of the issue immediately. Professionals also understand how short the grass should be cut and things of that nature so the job goes more smoothly and the lawn tends to be healthier.

When Lawn Mowing, professionals also take note of what needs to be done to the grass to keep it looking its best at all times.

They may feel the need to fertilize the soil or decide a mulching mower is needed instead of a standard one based on current lawn conditions. Home owners often don’t understand the difference between various tools and products so they use the wrong ones. This won’t happen when professionals are called in.

A professional lawn mowing service has access to tools and machinery that the average home owner doesn’t. Cost is one reason why many say they choose to mow their own lawn. If you stop and think about the initial cost of the mower, storage for the mower, gas and oil for the machine and maintenance that is required, you are likely spending more than you think to take on this job yourself. This doesn’t even take into account the time it takes to cut the grass. If it takes you an hour to cut the grass and your regular job pays you $20 an hour, each time you mow the lawn you are losing $20. Multiply this by 36, the number of times the lawn must be mowed each year and you’ll see that, in many cases, the lawn service is cheaper.

In addition to Lawn Mowing, professionals can take on many other tasks.

For example, a lawn needs to be aerated to reduce soil compaction and a reputable lawn service will have access to a machine that can complete this job in a short period of time. Call Lawn Jockey lawn mowing service and see what they can do for you.

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Title: Leave the Lawn Mowing to Professionals
Reviewed by Becky J. on Jul 14
Rating: 5.0
Summary: I just wanted to say that my flowerbeds look beautiful!!
Description: Good morning Vicki – I’m not sure how Tanner managed to do this so quickly, but I just wanted to say that my flowerbeds look beautiful!!I love the different colors and the caladiums (I think that’s what they’re called!) at the end are such a nice touch. It is by far my favorite planting ever, and was such a nice surprise when I came home.
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