Maxson-Family-Dec-2012Leaf Cleanup Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

When the time comes for Leaf Cleanup, you probably cringe because you see all that you will need to remove. Centuries ago, people didn’t rake up leaves. Rather, they were left where they fell and nature took care of them. The leaves acted as a natural mulch during the winter. When they decomposed, the soil was enriched and the trees were fertilized. Humans should remember this when Leaf Cleanup begins and make use of the leaves to enhance the yard.

In those areas where you wish to grow grass in your yard, Leaf Cleanup is essential.

Wet leaves are heavy and they can prevent air from reaching the grass so the grass dies. Moisture can build up under these leaves which puts the soil at risk of one or more fungal diseases. You have options when it comes to what you should do with the leaves.

Cut grass as you normally would. As long as you have no more than a quarter inch of leaves, this is a good choice. The chopped up leaves and grass clippings will break down and fertilize the grass. Never leave whole leaves on areas of the yard during a leaf cleanup where you want grass. Wet leaves are very heavy and they prevent air from reaching the grass. In addition, wet leaves can lead to a variety of fungal infections in the soil.

Create mulch during a leaf cleanup.

If you have more than a quarter inch of leaves, you need to place the bag on your mulching mower and cut the lawn. When the bag gets full, take the grass clippings and chopped up leaves and dispose of them or place them around your shrubs. The resulting mixture won’t become matted and they loft so air can circulate. Chopped leaves tend to break down quickly so the soil gets much needed nutrients.

Add leaves to your compost pile and turn it. Be sure to leave some for the kids to jump in also and you may wish to use some for fall crafts. As leaves are very plentiful, you are sure to find a number of ways in which they can be used.  A leaf cleanup may be all you need to turn your fall landscape into clean healthy landscape. 🙂


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