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A well put together landscape has many benefits and yet home owners often don’t even think about the Landscaping that surrounds their home. Landscaping is a form of art which takes patience and time, but the results are worth it in the end. What are some of the benefits of Landscaping?

A landscape adds value to the home and surrounding property.

People want a home with curb appeal and a landscape offers exactly this. Property values go up when a home is landscaped and others will appreciate your efforts as their property values go up too. If you go to sell your home, the real estate agent will likely tell you to spruce up the landscape and make other minor cosmetic changes to the home to increase the chances of selling the property.

The proper landscape accentuates the individuality of the home and the land surrounding it. Even if every fifth home on the block is the exact same model, the landscape can make your home stand out in the crowd. When designing the landscape, native trees, shrubs and grasses should be used whenever possible. Not only will these items be easier to maintain, they will benefit the environment also if properly planned.


The main benefit to be obtained from landscaping your property is the enjoyment it will provide you.

When you go outside to sit and relax in the evening, the landscape is a thing of beauty for you to feast your eyes on. Your family and friends will spend many pleasant hours outside just enjoying nature. This alone should have every property owner looking for landscaping ideas right away.


A professional landscaping maintenance company like Lawn Jockey can be of great assistance in helping you maintain the landscape for your home.

Lawn Jockey can provide the maintenance once the landscape is finished. A great looking landscape should be maintained regularly thoughout the year so that small amounts of vegetation can be trimmed or removed once there is new growth. Removing too much plant material, especially in the heat of summer, all at once can stress the health of your landscape. Lawn Jockey will be of valuable assistance at any stage of the landscaping process.

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