Grass Seed or SodEvery Home Owner Should Know How to Plant Grass

Do you have bare spots in your lawn that drive you crazy? Have you recently removed a shrub or tree and now want to fill this area in with grass? No matter why you want to know How to plant grass, this is something anyone can do. How to plant grass is a skill that is very valuable as lawns can incur damage at any time for a number of reasons. Once you know How to plant grass, you will no longer have to worry about damage from animal urine, disease or anything else. Here are the steps which must be followed

How To Plant Grass – Prepare the site first and level the soil before planting the seed.


Once these steps are taken, it is time to spread the seed.You must set the spreader rate which can be done using the manufacturer’s instructions. Place half of the seed in the spreader and start walking in one direction. Once you have covered the area, go back and spread more seed using a crisscross pattern to make sure you evenly cover the area. A starter fertilizer should be used at this stage also to provide seedlings with the phosphorous needed to grow.
Follow up with peat moss or another organic matter. Use a peat spreader or cage roller and cover the entire area you seeded with this material. Only a very thin layer is needed and, in this case, more is not better. You can also rake the seed into the soil rather than taking this step, but you must make sure you don’t bury the seed. Roll the area with a roller half filled with water to ensure the seed and soil establish good contact.

lawn careWater the seeds and use enough water to get the soil wet to a depth of six to eight inches.

Be careful with the water pressure as too much can wash the seeds away. Once this has been done, you will need to water frequently to ensure the seeds stay wet until they germinate. In North Texas this means watering twice daily for two weeks. Follow up by blocking the area off with stakes and a string so people know to walk around the seeds or put up a small fence to protect the seeds until the grass begins growing.


how to plant grass

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