privet-hedges-01_1_Lawn jockey stands above the rest in Highland Village lawn mowing services

There is always a story behind any company that explains where they came from and what they stand for.  Some stories are very basic and simple, others are very complex and rich in history.  Lawn Jockey could be classified in the second category.  Not only does their story come from a piece of United States history, but the dedication to service and their integrity makes them stand out among other Highland Village lawn mowing services.

Historically speaking, a lawn jockey was typically a small statue placed in front yards, made of usually out of concrete, aluminum or even cast iron.  They were often men dressed in a jockey’s uniform, with its hands placed out in front, like they were holding the reins of a horse or a lantern.  Some people believe that the origin of the statue goes back to the days of General George Washington and his battle against the British Army during the American Revolution.  It is said that a young African American boy was left behind to stand watch for the British Army on the Pennsylvania shores.  The boy was so dedicated to his mission that he froze in the cold weather, holding a single lit lantern.  The general was so impressed with the boys dedication that he had a statue cast of the boy and placed at Mount Vernon as a symbol of his dedication to service.

Keeping all this in mind, Lawn Jockey has taken that story to heart and embodies those qualities.  Because they are USAF Veteran owned and operated, they use a lot of the values and work ethic from the Air Force.  They strongly believe in integrity, service and excellence in everything they do.  This company not only speaks about their excellent service, but they really do deliver.  One phone call to their offices and you can be added on to their Highland Village lawn mowing services the very next day.  Not only do they offer Highland Village lawn mowing services, but you can also have them trim bushes, shrubs and small trees and even take care of your flower beds.

As an added bonus to the integrity, service, and excellence, Lawn Jockey will also make paying for the Highland Village lawn mowing services convenient as well.  They can either set up and automatic payment to your credit card or even your debit card.  You no longer have to wait for an invoice and write out a check for Highland Village lawn mowing.

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