hedge-trimmingWhy Hedge Trimming Is of Great Importance


A hedge is a barrier composed of bushes growing closely together. To maintain the hedge, it is best to have it trimmed regularly. This is a task many don’t know how to perform though to get an attractive hedge. Whether you wish to have a formal hedge or one that has a more natural look, regular Hedge Trimming can help you to achieve this goal. If you aren’t comfortable taking on Hedge Trimming, don’t let the bushes run wild. Call in Lawn Jockey to take on this job. They have the experience needed to have your hedge becoming a thing of beauty rather than just a barrier in your yard. Here are some benefits of Hedge Trimming to consider.

Hedge trimming for the health of your plants.

When you have Lawn Jockey trim your hedge on a regular basis, winter damage to the bushes will be minimized as a result of excessive freeze. Spring growth is stimulated when bushes are trimmed and any dead brown spots will be reduced or completely eliminated. After trimming, the shrub tends to be healthier and will have a more attractive appearance. There are many other reasons why you should have a hedge trimmed regularly.

Hedge trimming produces dense foliage which contributes to your privacy.

If you don’t want your neighbors or those passing by from seeing what you are doing while outside, a healthy hedge will prevent this from happening. The hedge acts as a windbreak so you can enjoy your outdoor living area even when conditions aren’t their best and delicate plants and shrubs are less likely to become dehydrated as a result of windburn during the summer months. As a properly trimmed hedge helps to create a micro-climate that is more favorable than natural conditions in certain cases, you may be able to grow plants that would otherwise die in your area. Birds enjoy hedges also so you may find more feathered friends in your yard.

A well trimmed hedge adds to the beauty of a yard, but it isn’t easy to get that well kept look.

Professionals are trained in proper techniques for trimming hedges, whether you are looking for a formal one or one that is more informal. Some believe that they don’t have to trim an informal hedge as it should just be allowed to grow as nature intended. If you do this though, you won’t get the many benefits that are obtained from trimming. Protect your shrubs by calling in Lawn Jockey in Lewisville, Flower Mound and Highland Village. They can handle your hedge trimming with ease and leave you with a hedge that enhances your yard.
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Title: Why Hedge Trimming Is of Great Importance
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