grass mowed  Do You Want Your Grass Mowed?


Take Care When Choosing a Company to Handle this Task for You.
A well kept yard adds to the property value of a home. It does much more than this though. It fosters a sense of community, improves the value of neighboring properties and more. If you don’t have the time to get your Grass Mowed, why not hire Lawn Jockey lawn service that will do this for you? Before you open the phone book and randomly select a name to have your Grass Mowed, you should look into our service record and professional guarantee. Here is what you should inquire about when hiring a Lawn Mowing Company.

First and foremost, you need to know how often you will have your Grass Mowed.


Some companies require that you have your grass mowed weekly while others will allow you to set a schedule of your choosing. In addition, you should ask what months they will mow the grass and if special consideration will be taken for times when the weather is extremely dry or extremely wet. Weather conditions can affect grass growth so you may find you need this service performed more or less frequently.

Ask if the lawn service has insurance. Accidents can happen at any time and you, as the property owner, need to ensure you are protected in the event one occurs while your yard is being worked on. Never hire a company which is not insured as this could leave you with the bill should they damage your property. In addition to asking for proof of this insurance, follow up with the insurance company to make sure the policy is still in effect.

If you want nothing more than to have the lawn service cut your grass, you need to ask how they will do so. You want to ensure the methods they use fit into your overall lawn care plan. For example, the grass should be cut to the recommended height for the grass strain you have in your yard.

Don’t hesitate to ask what is included in the price. You may wish to have your yard mowed and edged and have the lawn service finish up by blowing grass clippings off walkways and driveways. Lawn Jockey does this automatically while other companies charge more for these services. Be sure you understand what is included so you will be satisfied when the work is done.

The more you know before choosing a lawn mowing company, the happier you will be with what they provide for you. You can never ask too many questions as this helps to ensure you find a company that meets your needs in every way. A reputable firm should answer all questions without hesitation and do so in a friendly manner. If they don’t, continue looking.

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Title: Do You Want Your Grass Mowed?
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