flower plantingFlower Planting Tips Every Gardener Can Use in Flower Mound, Highland Village and Lewisville

Flowers increase the beauty of any area. When you make use of these flower planting tips, you’ll find the process to be much easier so you can spend less time gardening and more time enjoying what grows.

When it comes to Flower Planting, it is best to plan the garden out before you go shopping. This way you know what flowers to buy and where you will place them. Before you take this step though, it is best to do an overall landscape plan so you can select flowers which add the finishing touches to the yard. A landscape plan will include not only the flowers, but deciduous trees, evergreens, flowering shrubs and more.

Plant a mixture of flowers so your garden has color at all times. To do this, make sure you pay close attention to the blooming period of the different plants. Some bloom early in spring while others don’t emerge until summer is almost upon us. Certain flowers bloom throughout the summer while others hold off until fall. Having a wide selection of flowers ensures you enjoy the beauty of your garden for a longer period of time.

When choosing flowers, look for ones that are short and stocky. The foliage should be healthy and disease free and the plant should only have a few flowers. If a plant is discolored, spindly or wilted, pass it by and go for a healthier one as this will increase the chances of you having a successful flower garden.

Flower Planting works best when native plants are used.

In many cases, native plants make up the majority of items offered at a nursery or home improvement store. These plants need less care and actually benefit the entire ecosystem of the garden. Fewer chemicals, if any, will be required to care for the plants as they are naturally resistant to pests and diseases so the environment as a whole also benefits.

When it comes to Flower Planting, the job isn’t complete until mulch has been laid.

Many assume mulch is only for decorative purposes, but it actually offer a number of benefits. Mulch helps to keep weeds out of the garden and also helps to conserve moisture. Never skip this step as doing so will increase the amount of time you need to spend watering the gardening and weeding it. This decreases the amount of time you have to just enjoy the flowers.

Don’t forget to groom and deadhead plants. This process needs to be done every few weeks to promote new growth. In addition, your garden looks better when you groom and deadhead plants.

Ask Lawn Jockey to visit your home and so that you may learn other tips for planting flowers and discover ways we can help you with the labor involved. A flower garden adds beauty and color to a landscape. Once you install one flower garden, chances are you will want to add more. Flower planting is a rewarding addition to your landscape.

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