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Nothing makes a yard more beautiful than flowers!  Lawns are a great base to any yard, but add the magic of flowers and you changed your simple yard into a work of art!  Having a beautiful yard adds beauty and personality to the house; in fact, it can be said it is the difference between a house and a home.  Lots of people own houses, but a home is a place where love is, and what speaks of love more than flowers?  You would be surprised too at how easy it can be to add a few Flower Mound flowers to your existing yard and how affordable the maintenance of those flowers can be – and the best part about living flowers in your yard is that they don’t die off like cut flowers, so you have a plentiful supply of their lovely blooms!

You might think that simply mowing your lawn is too much work for you as it is and adding a  flower garden would only add to that work.  The simple solution to that, would be hiring Lawn Jockey for your  yard service, but you might be worried it would be too expensive.  If these are some of your concerns, you will be pleased to know that hiring Lawn Jockey, a Flower Mound lawn service, to maintain your beautiful yard is not only going to make your life easier, but their prices are very reasonable and payment options are incredibly easy.  They have the ability to set you up on automatic payments from your checking, or by credit card.

If you don’t like the idea of someone invading your neighborhood with their big trucks, blocking the driveway or interfering with the mail service, you can rest at ease.  The staff is fast and efficient, so they will be in and out of your neighborhood quickly, leaving you with just the beautiful surroundings that will be the envy of the neighborhood. They are courteous and very knowledgeable when it comes to the plants that you have chosen to have in your yard too, so you won’t waste money on plants that don’t do well in your areas.

You have enough to do without having to worry about the yard.  You just want to come home from a hard day’s work and unwind in the tranquility of your own beautiful garden without all the work of maintaining it yourself, and with the help of a Flower Mound lawn service, like Lawn Jockey, you can.

Structured Data, Product
Flat of 18 Flowers in 4 inch Cups

Description: Spring Summer and Fall Planting Service

Price: $35 flat

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