BlightCommon Lawn Problems and How to Deal with Them

Lawn problems are very common. Most people think of weeds when they think of issues with their lawn, but many other things can prevent a yard from looking its best at all times. In addition to weeds, common lawn problems include diseases, pests and animals. Here are some common lawn problems and how to deal with them. Lawn Jockey lawn service can offer other suggestions and help you maintain the beauty of your lawn at all times.
If you have St. Augustine grass, you may have a problem with chinch bugs. These yellow bugs suck the juice from the grass blades, leaving behind irregular dry spots. These spots will start as a yellow color, before turning brown. You may mistake them for drought related issues. Aerating can help eliminate these bugs and Floratam, a variety of St. Augustine grass, is resistant to chinch bugs.
Large patches of brown grass that appear in late summer indicate the presence of grubs in the yard. The easiest way to determine if this is the case is to dug up one or more of these brown areas. When you do, you are likely to see these small grubs. The turf will likely come up very easily also. Skunks and gophers like to dig up yards to feed on these creatures so you may notice new holes in your yard also. Add some predatory nematodes to the lawn to hep control the problem.

Lawn Problems – Are you noticing small orange pustules on grass blades?


If so, you likely have a rust problem. Fertilizing the yard can help to control and prevent the development of rust. Water the lawn properly and make sure you mow on a regular basis. When doing so, remove the clippings to prevent the spread of rust.
If you notice a small dead spot of grass which is surrounded by vibrant green grass, an animal has likely made a visit to your yard and left a deposit. Soak the area with a hose to help the grass recover.

These are just a few of the lawn problems you may notice in your yard.


There are many others that can crop up throughout the year. Lawn Jockey lawn service will look for problem areas when they come out to care of your yard. If you notice a problem between these visits, don’t hesitate to call and ask for advice. When lawn problems are caught early, they are easier to correct in most cases.


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