Green lawnBenefits of a Green Lawn

A healthy green lawn is important for a number of reasons. A Green Lawn not only adds value to a home, it also benefits the soil and protects water. Air quality is improved when a lawn is healthy and the environment is enhanced. Climate is better controlled and human health improves. A Green Lawn is a beauty to look at and it offers many benefits that most aren’t aware of.
A Green Lawn surrounding a home adds curb appeal to the home and improves not only the property value for the home owner, but for his or her neighbors also. Most don’t realize that a well maintained lawn can increase the selling price of a home by as much as 15%. Landscape plantings are enhanced and neighborhoods are beautified which helps to build a sense of community.
Healthy lawns help to prevent erosion while contributing to the organic matter of the soil. Beneficial microscopic creatures thrive in this environment and storm water runoff is eliminated. The lawn absorbs water into the soil so ground waters are restored and cleaned while pollutants are trapped and removed through the fibrous root systems of the lawn.
Air quality is enhanced when a lawn is cared for as the lawn removes carbon dioxide from the air and makes oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Dust and smoke particles are trapped by the grass thereby naturally filtering the air. Grass helps to cool the air and reduces noise pollution in urban areas by absorbing sounds.
Human health improves when a lawn is healthy. Not only does the grass act as a cushion for outdoor play, the air is cleaner and the landscape is one that many will enjoy. Gardening and lawn care have been known to be very beneficial in rehabilitation programs and the grassy areas lend themselves to peaceful retreats with a book. Many associate green grass with the beginning of spring and get a boost in mood as a result. In addition, people are less likely to throw trash on a green lawn as they don’t want to disrupt the overall look of the lawn.

One major benefit of a Green Lawn is it encourages more outdoor activity.

Americans struggle with obesity and outdoor activities can help to combat this. If given the choice between a green, healthy lawn and a dirt packed one, we will choose the green, healthy lawn almost every time. If you struggle to keep a healthy green lawn, a professional lawn service like Lawn Jockey can be of great help.


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